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  1. Helen Nicol
    Helen Nicol • Post Author •
    22nd April 2019 at 4:47 am

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    I have just finished this gorgeous book, couldn’t put it down. Funny,sad,inspiring,real,surreal,intriguing ,deeply heartfelt and emotional. A truly amazing author, I have the utmost respect for her humility and strength.

    Awe inspiring story. Could not stop reading. Thought provoking from another angle.

    I found Helen’s book difficult to put down and found her words and experiences very inspiring. I think it’s a very brave and wonderful thing to do, to put yourself and your experiences and your beliefs out there like that. It has absolutely given me some food for thought and some parts were very comforting to me. I have already recommended the book to some people, definitely one to read.

    Amazing book. Couldn’t put it down. Helen’s story is inspiring and I would thoroughly recommend.

    This book has helped me more than words can say. It is an easy read with many ups and downs. It is sad, funny, interesting and thought provoking. A book which looks at life from a different angle.

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